Who Is This For?

This series of classes is intended for the individuals with the genuine interest in becoming better photographers who would like save themselves months and years of reading, browsing, trying and learning from their own mistakes, while missing countless opportunities in the process. It is carefully designed to cater the needs of a total photo newbie, an amateur striving for better quality and a seasoned veteran in need of honing his or her skills.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price is highly case-specific, please contact for details (see below).

Are There Any Discounts?

Yes. Scheduling several classes instead of just one, as well as arranging more people to attend each class definitely will make the prices drop.
Schools, non-profits and photography clubs will receive an additional discount.

When Can A Class Be Scheduled?

Classes can be scheduled on weekdays, weeknights and weekends. It is not recommended to schedule more than three basic classes or more than two intermediate/advanced classes on the same day.

Whom To Contact?

Call/text 818-324-1837 or email to request@photosocal.com.
Ask for Nikolai.